It’s easy to get along with just about any sign, but the Scorpio’s characteristics are no easy challenge. That means that to live with someone of this sign is totally different from living with anyone else—there’s a good and bad side! You may not notice—and perhaps not even the Scorpio will notice—but people of this sign are always testing their loved ones.

1. It’s very intense

Scorpio is a water element, which makes it an intense sign as a whole. Anyone who lives with a Scorpio knows very well that either they love you very much, or they hate you to death. And, believe me, you will be lucky if you are loved. Cheer for it!

2. Arguments are very well thought out

Scorpios are strategists. Nothing is done without thinking too much. Being with someone like that can be great because it can help you not to be impulsive. But if the problem is with you, be prepared, because he will already come to the conversation with the argument ready and it will be difficult to convince him otherwise.

3. It’s emotional, but materialistic as well

Especially if you date someone of this sign, you know it. A scorpion is too emotional and wants to live a life of intense love. But the materialistic side is not at all disposable, they would also love to build an empire with their partner.

4. They’re not easily conquered

They are probably the most difficult people of the zodiac. Conquering a Scorpio is definitely not an easy task. The good side of this is that they are selective and give their full trust to their partner. The downside is that anyone who falls in love with a Scorpio can suffer a lot, especially if trying to get in a relationship with them.

5. Yes, they’re very jealous

Possessiveness is one of the main characteristics of the Scorpians. Open relationship, for example, is something that would never happen to them. They want exclusivity and therefore end up leaving too many relationships aside, as they do not like to share anything with anyone. Do know that if they are cheated on, it’s all over!

6. They are proud and reserved

You will hardly see a Scorpio in a public jealousy scene. The most common thing is that they keep their feelings to themselves, thinking about the situation, and confront you privately.

7. What they say about sex is true

The Scorpio is extremely selective about who he will share his intimacy with. They love sex because of the importance it adds on to a relationship. If the sex is bad, they will move on to another relationship.

8. They are very sensual

The Scorpio is very sensual and they make no effort whatsoever. It’s the way they stare, the way they talk and the way they move. Even the way they walk is seductive.

9. Yes, they can be revengeful

It can be cruel or not, but Scorpio’s like a good revenge. This comes from the characteristic of thinking long before acting. They can plan very well how they will respond to your attitude. They might spend hours, days, or months planning their perfect revenge.

10. There is no superficiality

Neither in their affairs nor in their relationships, Scorpios love to be transparent. In fact, it’s quite common that they have few trusted people, including their partner.

11. You’ll never know everything about them

You will hardly have any certainty about what they think or feel unless they feel completely at ease to tell you this. Scorpios are mysterious, really. And this can often become a defect because it is quite complicated to know what they are thinking. You have to be very interested in understanding how they feel for them to open up—if they do!

12. Seduction games matter to them

This point also has its good side and its bad side. When it comes to seduction, they love teasing. But the games at the time of conquest do not always bring good results. Sometimes they tend to not answer phone calls or text messages because they want to be chased after. This can cause confusion because they’re also mysterious and no one knows what they want or feel.

13. They always discover everything

Scorpios have the gift of investigating. They scour, gather information, and catch up to little lies. In the end, they always know what’s going on even before you tell them. Good luck if you want to try to fool them.

14. They are dedicated to the work

They are very dedicated to their professional life. They are ambitious, they take pleasure in conquering their space, their money, and building their life. In addition, they are determined and often get good positions in companies.

15. They dislike fakeness

Do not try to flatter a Scorpio. They are quite true and do not like that kind of thing. For them, you better be sincere!

16. They don’t like exposure

They don’t like people who think they know everything about them. They like privacy, so they keep much of what they feel and even details of their love life private. You will not see a Scorpio counting every step you take on social media.

17. They want to hear “I love you”

Scorpios need, all the time, to know what you feel. They don’t like coldness, although they’re private people themselves. If you do not show what you feel, they become insecure. They want to be with you, therefore, it’s good to express your feelings.

18. They give it all in love

They might be hard to conquer, but they give it all once they’re in a relationship. They love with great intensity, so when the relationship ends, they suffer a lot.

19. They never forgive betrayals

Possessive as they are, a Scorpio will never forgive you for a betrayal, whether it’s in a loving relationship or friendship. Once you break their trust, the bond between you can never be the same.

20. They don’t talk just to talk

You’ll never see a Scorpio making a promise and breaking it. They will stay true to whatever promise they make or commitment.

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