3 natural ways to get nice round perky boobs


Every woman’s desire is to have that jaw-dropping body that gets heads turning and the breast is one of the features that enabled this. Truth being told, the breasts not only boosts a woman’s appearance but also her self-esteem and confidence. Countless reasons can be given to justify why most women don’t end up with the kind of breast they would love to have; from pregnancy to breastfeeding and of course genetics which is not always on the side of most women as it is very unlikely for women to inherit perky, firm and round breast that would be perfect for her.

The percentage of women with small and saggy breast who urgently needs argumentation of their boobs continues to spike as 300,000 women in the United States goes under the knife to get their desired size which is always expensive and sometimes in some cases develop complications. That is why I’m this article today, I’m going to be sharing 3 Natural ways to get that perfect cup size.


Exercise that targets the upper body would strengthen the chest and improve your posture. Such exercises includes Push-ups, Chest fly, Plank up and Chest presses.

Essential oils:Note; not all oil suit all skin types.

Essential oil are rich in antioxidants that heals saggy breasts, strengthen the breast tissue and improve the flow of blood and increases the cup size as it boosts cell growth. Some of the most effective are olive oil, fenugreek oil, coconut oil, almond oil and soy bean oil.

These oils should be massaged on the breast in circular motion.

Right food for the right breast size:You are what you eat. Your boobs would only give you what you give to it. Intake of the right nutrients increases your chances of getting a firmer pair of boobs. Foods that contains high volume of vitamin A are highly recommended. Green vegetables, soy products, seafood, nuts, chicken etc. are propellers that boosts good breast shape.

Congratulations as you make your way to getting that adorable set of lovelies.

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