5 tips for the life you really desire.

“You only live  once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West.

Everyday, we humans search for alternatives to everything. Alternatives to a long journey, to writing a research paper, to a meet up, and on it goes. The search almost never ends.

However, one thing that we can never have an alternative to, is our life. With life, the rule is simple, we become the choices we make.

The choices we make in our health, our diet, our relationship with others, our interests and our day to day activities in general. These in turn, become what is referred to as lifestyle.

WHO (World health organization), stated that 60% of health related factors are linked to lifestyle.

So have you ever admired someone who seemed to maintain the glow through the years? Well, you’re not alone. We all have. But what exactly did these people do, or not do, to remain that way?

1.Healthy physical activity: Yes. We’ve heard this time and time again, probably before we even knew what it really entailed. But this is not the type of activity that leaves you feeling like you just ran in pursuit of your life_ because a study of about 13,000 elderly people, followed up for 28 years, showed that those who spent time in physical activity, (even for minutes), had 15-35% lower health risk than those who did not at all.

What this means is that, engaging in any good physical activity, even as little as taking a brisk walk everyday, can significantly improve one’s life. No excuse.

2.Diet: Diet plays a key role in lifestyle. Positively and negatively.  Simply put, we are what we eat. A healthy, balanced meal, lots of fruits, vegetables and water are great boosts for a healthy lifestyle. Resist the urge to reach for a pack of processed juice every time, and instead, blend healthy fruits (bananas, berries, cherries etc), which will nourish the body and mind. Also,  never displace the importance of breakfast.

3. stress: Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle such as, lack of sleep or over thinking can significantly increase stress. Take time in between work to cool off, take naps where necessary, or just breathe in deeply. Stress has become a very high and silent killer in recent times. Going through it consistently, becomes a lifestyle_ that will lead to negative results, such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and so on. This can, and should be avoided.

4.Maintain healthy relationships: Having good relationships with people can significantly improve our health. Avoid isolation as much as possible. Living in an isolated state can have  effect on our mental health, leading to suicidal thoughts, depression and even anxiety. This can negatively affect interpersonal relationships.

5.Learn something new: Learning keeps the brain healthy and the mind sharp. Learn a new skill, craft, language.  Learning also teaches us patience, knowledge gives us confidence. This can go a long way in becoming a worthy lifestyle that you will be thankful for.

We must be mindful of our day to day activities as a whole. As what we consciously or unconsciously do, builds up our lifestyle.

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