Bid them well; The Biden-Harris Duo

America, is arguably the Stradivarius of the world. Whatever happens to this nation, affects almost either directly or indirectly, two-third of the world’s civilization, and that just being modest with the facts.

The United states of America, play a major role in world politics, and their big brother influence, although sometimes overrated, cannot be sidelined or underestimated. What is needed is the right proportion of acceptance.

The Americans have been practising a democratic system of government, for well over two centuries. Practically, two hundred years of sustained democracy, howbeit riddled in political idiosyncrasies.

Well, be that as it may, what they have achieved, nonetheless is no mean feat. So don’t be surprised that reactions and counter reactions, will keep tailing the aftermath of their elections. Whosoever, occupies the White house, wears a crown of diplomacy that makes it quite difficult to want to directly turn to the right, or spin to the left. Because a whole lot of underground concessions must be made, with the interest of its people first of course.

Joseph Robinette  Biden Jr, majority winner of the electoral college votes, and president-elect, is the new bride of the united states of America; and its latest breath of fresh air.

Donald Trump, the current president of USA, becomes the fourth incumbent in the history of America, to march out of the seat of power, un-reelected for a second term of office. His larger-than-self attitude has earned him such monumental loss, if I may say. Prior to the elections, most Americans gave skewed perspectives about him. They tilted neither to the right, or to the left; but they certainly knew Trump’s administration had defaced the US in the comity of leading nations; quite a bitter pill for proud nationalists to swallow. Therefore, It is not for me to highlight his ills – the world has heard enough of him already, he should therefore be relegated to the lower rung of history.

Conservatives,  rule the world. Not because they are silently non-effacing, but because they make harsh and tough decisions, without making a hell-of-a-noise about it. Sometimes, you’ve got to learn some discretion. And also learn to live with the decisions. After all, you made them yourself. Trump didn’t learn this. Now, he must learn to move on, and also to choose the trump card of a honourable loser, before he becomes in history – the most embarrassed man of all times.

The political terrain of the U.S.A is not a perfect one, despite the show to make it seem that way. America as of present, is divided, racially impoverished, economically improvident, and socially unstable. It is gradually losing world control, and China is conspicuously flexing its muscles. Now, A whole lot is going wrong, and at the moment all we can do, is to wish the incoming presidency, a good time in the helm of affairs. They must fulfil their electioneering manifestoes, to the letter. Seeking not to renege on the slightest promise. And I am highly positive that these duo will live up to their promises.

In his congratulatory speech on Saturday, Joe Biden said inter alia , and I quote;

” America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.”

This,  is a positive one. The man does not view America as a divided state of red and blue, rather he sees ALL AMERICANS. This is a good starting point to restoring the unity of his people. Let’s bid him well.

Any president that loves unity will eschew divisive comments, and will not throw fitful tantrums of bitterness, against any group or association. Which was Trump’s Achilles. His narcissism was his untoward downfall.

Joe Biden, first of all as human, before mentioning his Caucasian traits,  has a track record of not being a politically-motivated, racial bigot or White supremacist. Historically, he is the first white vice-president to a black president (Barack Obama); he served with him for eight solid years. And now, he is the first white president to have a black-indian American, senator Kamala Harris, as his vice president. If this is not beautiful, then what else is?

Kamala Harris, by all standard is an amazing woman, of candour and splendor. She epitomizes the power of feminism; a woman of many “firsts”.

Her political career is trail blazing. Honestly speaking, she has a knack for that. She is the first Black Woman to emerge as the vice-president elect. In 2010, she became the first black woman to be elected as California attorney general. In 2003, she won her first election for San Fransisco district attorney, becoming the first Black woman to hold such office in California.

With no gainsaying, this woman is on course to changing the political climate for women world wide. Now, the feminist dogma has found a monumental source of inspiration, for its movement, both locally and globally.

In conclusion, this presidential duo are a match made by the votes of Americans. What we can do, is to stand by them, as they to the courts to defend their mandate, and when they scale that hurdle, then, we should bid them well.

America, deserves the leadership that it get, with an exception to Trump, anyways.

Segun’ Olad

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