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BITTER TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE: What you stand to lose as a man and a woman

We all know what marriage is all about according to our current dispensation: the coming together of a man and a woman to become one. A definition that has been devoured of its true meaning because of societal influence and selfishness.

In this post I will tell you the bitter truth about marriage – I was once married so with learning, reading, and experience I think I can give the best advice or maybe tell what is in marriage is all sense.

We hear older folks tell you marriage is about sacrificing and endurance but I begin to wonder why would anyone go through the processing of planning a wedding, with all smiles and people wishing them well for something they have to endure and sacrifice so much for? And my answer is because they do not know what marriage is truly is and I can tell you even Nelson Mandela and his wife never understood the true essence of marriage even at their age. It’s not an insult but a keen and true observation of how society has influenced the sanctity and essence of marriage.

I may not be able to write about what marriage is really is in the true contextual tense but what you stand to lose if you dare to marry.

What you stand to lose as a man and a woman

  1. Lose your family: As a man, the bible said and even in other religious books about the need to forsake your family and cleave to your wife. Genesis 2:24 here states that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. Here what is the most mutual, spiritual, and natural connection does a man has? It is with his mother and father. Leaving these creates another mutual, spiritual, and natural which also includes blood covenant with his wife. As a woman, the day you accept to be a wife to a man, you have given up your existence with your family hence it is necessary for the man to first leave his family by covenant and cleave to you. As a woman, your covering is your father’s name; both spiritually and every natural cause. But when you become a wife, spiritually your father has transferred ownership and covering over to your husband and when he willingly takes over, he becomes your new father, his grace and covering over you illuminate from him hence you are compelled or required to bear his name. It will be wicked for him to leave you backed without protection cause no matter what happens even your father’s prayers can no longer hold powers as much as your husband can. This gives the man the ultimate responsibility to protect and care for you.

  2. Your will to decide alone: This is to both parties. When you marry, you are no longer you but she manifesting in you and you in her. There is this mystery that you are one. No decision-making can be single lorded or directed. It has to be a collective agreement and that agreement must hold. Now when you do not have this wisdom, there is bound to fight all the time.
  3. You lose the authority of a power over yourself or the monopoly to choose what fits you: I hated bears but my woman likes it, so I had to keep bore. I had to love looking bushy (lol). I hate seeing women dressed up showing their cleavage and so my woman had to even delete images of all the ones she took showing them because I am more of a modest man who loves women who dress modestly. All of these we did for each other.
  4. You lose friends: Your circle of friends changes to fit the family you are about to build here in essence you are filtering some people you know would never accept the ideology in the original context of marriage. Here also includes family members. As for family members, you will not lose them in totality but none should ever meddle in the affairs of your new family. You become a part of your old family but solely for the growth of your new family.

I have more to write but I have IsokoHUB website to complete and in my next post hopefully, I will talk extensively about what marriage is really is for a man and a woman.

I am Victor Vote



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