Fall out of the #EndSARS protest

It is no longer news that the ENDSARs protest that rocked the nation last month, came to an abrupt end. Like they say, everything that has a beginning, must have an end.

Without doubt, the ENDSARS outcry was heard, loudly and volubly that is, since hooligans and miscreants colluded to burn the nation aground, by setting up their own self-made justice system of arson, looting, jail break and destruction of properties.

Unfortunately, at its crucial stage, the END of the protest was proclaimed, even before its demands was considered for executive deliberation. Because the movement wasn’t willing to accept some concessions, or even sit for negotiation. So, it lost it’s justification and then ignorantly traded “peaceful protesting” for continued protesting.

Then, a wide loop was created for violent infiltrators to spread their vileness. So it had to end.

Now, that it ended, shouldn’t be of much concern; because, we all knew it was never going to last forever. It was just a wake up call for the government in the centre. So the ending wasn’t the problem. The real problem was HOW it ended, and the aftermath of such kind of an end.

Well, it depends on how you view it, but I say the peaceful protest lost its control when it started giving voice to incitations and subtle blackmails from folks with ulterior motives, because of its lack of organized leadership.

So, everyone could talk and lead his or her own gang of supporters to occupy the streets. And push for demands beyond the immediate rationality of the movement.

It was made very easy for agent provocateurs and substance-induced, agitated youths, to rise up to the occasion, and wreck a national havoc, just to make a point to our not too responsive government.

So, what’s the point, – the movement lacked TACT and sustainable organization (this cannot be underemphasized).

Some of us knew that It was only a matter of time before the chicken came home to roost. I read a couple of informed projections from very critical minds as to what might happen if the much anticipated leadership remained conspicuously lacking. Then, the worse happened. A squad in khaki was invited to squash the then bludgeoning pockets of civil unrest, notably in some danger zone areas. But how Lekki toll gate protesters, came into that category begs for an answer. One that eludes us even now.

So we subject ourselves to raising more posers.

Was that a ploy by whosoever ordered the mission, to use MIGHT to cancel the RIGHTS of the demanding youths?

Or was that a way of making a non-verbal statement?

Well, we know nothing for certain, with every thing going back and forth. From Denials, to fake reports, to half-truths, and even inciting statements. We do not know what to believe anymore. Now, they want us to be silent, since there’s now a sitting panel and sadly, we’ve been receiving feelers of shady revelations.

But what we can do, is to WAIT and somehow learn to LAUGH at the comical revelations from the investigative panel.

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