Life is Beautiful; for those who make it beautiful

LIFE IS GOOD; For Those Who Make It Good.

Life, as a subject of pure aesthetics, is widely perceived as beautiful. A true statement, through and through, however, open to so many variations of exceptions.

It is rueful to surmise that over the ages, some part of humanity has unfortunately, never felt the beauty of life, let alone, live in it, and have mainly survived in agony. Yet, they were in that same existential abode, where some got the better, of the earth realm.

So, this is an antithetical reality that must be consciously kept in view of our continued existence. Because, in all honesty, Life, isn’t always a bed of fragrant roses. There are thorns and thistles to put in mind too.

It is a mind boggling truth, that apparently some folks don’t want to accept, regardless of how subservient or humbling life may have made them.  They seem to prefer the sensational hoopla of ‘Life is good’, even when it appears not.

Well, that’s fair enough, because only a few create opportunities to make their lives truly good, even in those conflicting possibilities.  In other words, only a minority from the whole, eventually escape the nemesis of this huge grandstanding.

Essentially, the ‘life is good’ narrative, is a jaundiced creation of the impoverished masses. A consoling cliché, that goes soft on life’s deprivations, instead of pushing hard to see that dreams and aspirations can be actualized.

Let us ponder on the vicissitudes of our daily lives, and as we do, we’ll realize that Life is good, ONLY FOR THOSE WHO MAKE IT GOOD.

Now, this is not some ploy to talk down on positive thinking or proclamations, of course not. Because to exist in life expecting only the worse, is to have a warped perspective of ‘good fortune’, and ultimately to settle for less; an indication that you may not be fit for the struggle. So, a tincture of optimism doesn’t hurt, and it is very much essential for survival.

Moving on to the flip side however, there’s no gainsaying that Life, has been ‘graciously’ fair to some folks. And it is no travesty to assert that, quite a fraction of humanity is privileged with influence, either by the virtue of birth, or social stratification, or both. This imbalance is a fundamental misfit in nature.

You could only wish you were worthy (provided there is a criterion for eligibility), of such stroke of good luck, not ruling out man’s input.

Well my friend, if this is your wish, then I dare say it is an elevated wish of the most sensual order, which is only real and conceivable in the mind. And that is where it ends.

Permit me to ask, how long shall you float in the realm of wishing that you were Otedola’s daughter. Really?  Quit wishing, my friend, and start building your own dreams.

That said notwithstanding, this is not a subtle way to brush aside will power. Behold, I present to you a higher level of wishing, called, HOPE! Therefore, read in-between the lines and see Hope.

Now, you may lose all, but never lose hope. Because, to lose ‘Hope’, in itself is a misfortune.

So, in order to see life at its best, you must not always expect the worst. But, you must be prepared to bring out the best in spite of the worst.

Ponder on the vicissitudes of your daily life, and as you do, you’ll realize that, Life is good, ONLY FOR THOSE WHO MAKE IT GOOD.

Isn’t is confusing, that those who suffer the brunt of these societal and political ill wills, still display the façade of ‘all is well!’

If that is regarded as positive thinking, then that is making false appearances. Realistically, it is actually a retardation of progressive thoughts, and tactless positivism so to speak, that plays dumb on those social worms.

In a serious society, the political class should often be called out for serious questioning, and soul searching.

So, I put it to us, how long shall we keep playing the victim, in this theatrical drama?

This is not some erratic call for mob action, neither is an empty play of words to merely “sit down and look”. Rather, it is a call to intelligently take the bull by the horn. Because, being proactive is the relevant push our struggle needs.

Vitally, we must understand that seeing GOOD in life, is dependent on outsmarting the BAD.

Let me share a lesson, which I learnt from the birds. It is a lesson from the story of their adaptive intelligence.

Long time ago, hunters had mastered the art of shooting the birds without missing; and they would often go home with the birds dangling loosely on their shoulders. And so, gradually, the population of the birds began to reduce, and that became a source of concern for the remaining birds.

The birds held a secret meeting, and in their own ingenuity, also discovered how to fly without perching. In a bid to confuse their predators, they simply exploited the hunter’s weakness, which was his art of aiming at his targets for his kills. So, they reasoned that if he didn’t get a target, then his shot would be aimless. And that was how the birds outwitted the hunters, and their population boomed again.

Here is the gist; the winner isn’t always the strongest, but the smartest! A simple lesson to learn from the irony, called LIFE.

In essence, passivity is a dangerous game. Because, LIFE isn’t passive! Life would tug at one, until there are no more feathers for flight.

Therefore, take the initiative; and tug back at life.

Pull your weight around; stamp your feet so loud, that LIFE begins to quiver. And while at it, make so much noise, that it deafens whatever complacency that may faintly want to whisper fear, or doubt.

Remember, Life is good, ONLY FOR THOSE WHO MAKE IT GOOD.

Some say LIFE, is a theatrical stage, and as such, was masterfully designed for people to watch. Implicitly, it means that, one was created to ‘please’ some viewers.

Another group of rationality, allude that, LIFE is a well scripted drama, directed by an undeniably known, supernatural figure.

Whichever may be your school of thought, you must realize that you {and not someone else}, are the main actor of your play. Anyways, you could choose to become the villain; that is a function of your beliefs. Humanity wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, humanity will learn to live with it.

Nonetheless, you must consistently remind yourself, that this drama is no fiction.

It is the reality! And people, are indeed watching; but the truth is, they are being watched too.

And so, everybody is part of this stage play, only that, we are differentiated into roles. Yet, ROLES don’t absolutely define our productivity, efficiency or professionalism. Instead, our SKILL does!

Someone could be scripted to play the character of a rich man, yet he poorly acts the part. Another may have been chosen to play the character of a poor man, and he richly portrays the part.

IMPACT in life, therefore, is relative my friend. So, as long as the occasion serves you, enjoy the best of the ovation that you might get in the end. Life is good then, when you take your bow; because LOGICALLY then, you have won.

Talking about Logic, Life always project variables; often two, Or even more.

But technically two. Of course, the usual suspects; X or Y, Good or Bad, Black or white, Hate or Love. Apparently, a choice must be made, and it is what makes life either good or otherwise.

Know this for certain, – Life isn’t always fair.

And so, you cannot afford to wallow in the “FATE, WILLS IT” excuse.

Rather, you can choose to accept the preacher’s theology of, – “FAITH, WANTS IT”

Now, see how logic helps. Logic says “WILL, what you WANT!”

Essentially, it means that, you are the determinant of your life. And as you continue in the struggle, don’t forget the past, the painful toils, and the joyful moments of pure ecstasy; not forgetting on the other hand, the deep regrets too.

Never forget, all these. For they are your credentials for the blessings of a new day.

Behold the goodness of Life; Just as you made it.

Segun’ OLAD

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