Love once again, I repeat is an opportunity. It waits for no one. When you need something so desperately, you do not wait for convenience. Convenience brings about heartbreak. You like her? Go for her, do everything to bring her into your world. You like him? Do everything to bring him and do not look for excuse. Just be sure he/she worth it.
Ladies, if a man thinks you are cheap chasing him, tell him: Well Mr. Man, I am not cheap, I only thought you were strong enough to handle a classy, strong, gorgeous and ambitious woman like me. I can not give my time to you cause you dont even know what you want”
Listen: LOVE IS LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY, it comes in disguise and waits for no one. There is no true soul mate, there is only opportunity, just as there is no true wealth but opportunities.
Even if it last for a week, grab him or her and enjoy the moment, most beautiful marriages and relationships start with a daring heart. Enjoy the moment and thank God for it.
It’s obvious you’ve lost him/her and you know it cause he/she no longer calls you as he/she use to, he/she no longer cares about you. Keeps giving you excuses. Ignores you. My dear, you have use your too many prefered situation to chase him/her away.
You may have been warned but you never listened. Do not lose a special person cause you are waiting for a perfect time to love them and be with them.
Victor Vote


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