#Love Yourself Series: Blood, Sweat and Tears.

One of the keys to understanding who you are and loving the person that is within you, that person that you don’t fully understand but you know exists in you is not going to be easy there’s going to be a lot of pain involved and we have to know how to channel that energy into the right place so I’m going to be talking little bit of about how blood, sweat and tears is involved in loving oneself.

Some people are very emotional, they don’t do too well under pressure and criticism. Some go to the extent of mutilating their own body, they cut themselves with sharp objects.

People say things and they don’t take cognisance to how much it affects other people.This people fall under the category of advocates, they are melancholic in nature they don’t understand why they just don’t flow socially with other people. Most if the times, they work based on feelings and when the feelings of love and understanding aren’t poured out on them.They tend to feel isolated.They exhibit loneliness and work a lot more effectively on their own. They have selective people that they talk to and they trust those people so much because they feel like those are the ones who can relate to them more or at least understand how they feel. about such issues.

A lot of these people don’t just wake up one day and decided that they want to be sad,emotional or depressed. They don’t just wake up one day and contemplate suicide over no reason at all. Struggling,youths,teenagers and adults consider such because of the way people have said certain things about their lives or the way people stared at them made them realise that they have to draw back from the reality of life and that they have to be so sad but loving oneself means that challenging channeling all that pain that they have given such person and then transforming them stepping stone or anything that can make on positive about moving on with life.

Loving oneself has made people take their lives,they deeply feel like they don’t have a reason to keep moving on because the pain,the disappointment,the betrayal has surpassed all other feelings. The hate speech had penetrated so deep into their hearts that almost nothing could convince that their worth is a lot more valuable alive than dead.

People have great potentials,enough to make there environment a better place.It is hard,it is painful,it is tiring,but we have to try our best to make sure that our purpose is fulfilled. Even when it is hard to ignore the reactions of those who are placed in our lives or those who put themselves in our lives,even when popular opinion about what we do gives us inferiority complex,we can channel every negative energy that is thrown our way into positivity. Turn the problem and pain into pleasure,the trouble into a trident.

Sometimes working hard to get what makes us happy brings sadness, especially when people don’t support our dreams. We have cried ceaselessly because it seemed endless but what makes us I’m que is that we are writing a special storyline of our lives and this is the intriguing part. No one loves to read a story that doesn’t have a few points to draw more attention to. Living happily comes with a price. Our story would end very memorable when we write it honestly till the end. We don’t have to make the end ourselves by taking our own life. We can just surround ourselves with the happiness that’s is right and keep working with positivity at heart.

Some years ago,a popular K-pop group BTS debuted with the hopes of succeeding as artists in South Korea but the journey was a lot more complicated than they thought it would be. After debut,they had to wear name tags on their clothes before they could perform because the producers the cameraman didn’t know their names.Their performances were cut out from music shows because they weren’t famous.Slowly,with hard work,their game increased till finally had their breakthrough in 2017 and now they are the most popular music band in the world with the widest fanbase any band or artist has ever hard.They had to sweat day and night for their dreams to finally come true. They had injuries a lot on stage and some of the group members have dealt with depression and emotional trauma over the years. They have cried over the years when things were hard but with one goal and support from each other, they have come out strong and happy. They even had a song with the same title launched in 2016.

As human,we are vulnerable to harsh conditions but our ability to live through those conditions and come out fine as gold makes us unique and special. It makes life worth living in.

Spiritually, the blood significance is the every flowing blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross of Calvary for the sake of every man. The struggle since his birth till his last breath is the true definition of loving one’s self by loving others through blood, sweat and tears. Living life in accordance to Jesus Christ’s makes it easier to cope with the unfavorable situations that may come out way.

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