Several years back, I went to the market, wanted to buy some clothing items, I noticed this lovely wristwatch, I’m quite selective of what I wear, I can go to a market and come back empty, not everything catches my attention.

But this wristwatch did, but the problem was, someone was already holding it and bargaining with the seller.

I felt bad, I wanted the watch, but it was with someone currently, I couldn’t just take it from him, so I said a silent prayer, I wished the guy holding the watch would not be ABLE to afford the selling price, or even if he was able to, he would not be WILLING to pay the price.

@agatha via Twenty20

Many of us say such prayers often when we go shopping, (abi) am I lying?
Many of us have even gone ahead to even outbid and out pay a person already holding an item in their presence, just because we wanted it so bad and we had the money (though the morality of this is a topic for another discussion).

I can’t remember what happened again, but I think the guy bought the watch. Relationships are like this.

Sometimes we are in relationships with people, we treat them like trash, as if they have no alternatives, we refuse to make amendments in our lives, and “pay the price” to treat them like they deserve.

Unknown to us, someone somewhere, maybe our best friend, neighbor, even our sibling actually likes them and wishes they could have them.

That lady, that guy you are treating anyhow, cheating on her, breaking her/his heart, never check on her, never respect him, somebody is by the sidelines, waiting and praying you to make the foolish mistake of losing him/her, so they’d take your place and treat them better than you ever did,

And then you’d come out and start crying,

“My boyfriend who just broke up with me has asked my sister out, and she accepted, but I still love him and want him back.
How can my own sister do this to me?”

“My ex broke up with me and he’s getting married to my best friend next week, how could she betray me?”

Whenever you have the chance to be in a relationship with someone, treat them like an item in the market,

Understand that there are other interested bidders, some will make advances without minding you’re in the picture, others will respect your presence and hang around praying you to mess up and “don’t drive a hard bargain”.

As long as they deserve it, always try to pay a price so high to keep that person that no one else can outbid you no matter the price they will offer.

Don’t lose a good Man or Woman because of your lifestyle of promiscuity and stubbornness, not everybody can be replaced.


Photo: @agatha via Twenty20


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