The online stalkers

That the world has become a global village is stale news. Indeed, a news that broke before the early days of the new millennium. And now with the exponential increase of social media platforms, and their corresponding mobile apps, these rapid technological advancement, has given us the conviction, that we can indeed interact together as “one people” in the universe, and perhaps the multi-verse.

At this pace of scientific interaction, the age-long unconfirmed myth of “Alien-Human” interaction and influence in the earth realm, might very well be demythologized, and as a result, not too far into the future, we might soon begin to ‘facetime’ other life forms, either advanced or lowlife; as long as there are veritable means of uninterrupted social media communication and interfacing.

I have alluded to the foregoing in order to buttress the assertion that the world indeed is a global village. And so, the cliché expresses itself, of course in different ways. That you can read this from wherever, {let’s say Burundi} is an attestation to the reality of this global unifying identity.

Let’s assume I have something on my mind, and of course Zuckerberg tells me to share. If I choose to, anybody from anywhere could read, {real time or virtual friends} and also drop their thoughts in the comment box, and then,  ‘subs’  might start flowing here and there, sarcastic comments, table-shaking jokes, just to either make sense of the post,  or  otherwise make light of whatever I might have shared- and without much qualms, life goes on.

Bottom line, – we are in the era of social vistas, internet sensations, chat vibes, and in a twisted manner of speaking – ONLINE STALKING!

Nowadays, we seem to have forgotten the exact meaning of the words “secret and confidential”. Because at the slightest opportunity, some online gossip mill also called ‘amebos’ would quickly latch onto anything tagged ‘secret and confidential.

AND SO realistically in our age, there’s really nothing exactly ‘secret and confidential’, the moment it gets to the social media space.

So if it’s about you, and you have a page to yourself, then you might as well have your life at the mercies of the administrators, and some officially employed trackers.

Well, they aren’t my concern for now, perhaps some other time.

Now as a user of any social media platform, you have to be careful how you dabble into pages, tags, subs, likes, trends…. etc. The prerogative lies with you to know how to differentiate between what is secular, and what is sacred on those platforms. This will help you to know how to respond to issues. And for your information, it might interest you to know that there is a SOCIAL MEDIA BILL, which has been passed recently to curb the high rising trends of garrulous ‘truth-to-power’ speaking. It would seem the government want to start clamping down seriously on garrulous speaking.

Now, just because you have access to a smart phone and data to air your opinions, does not mean that you are allowed to say just about anything, especially destructive, hyper-critical statements or even unsubstantiated statements against the government or any body. You really have to be conscious of how you talk on those platforms. Truly, there is freedom of expression, which is the liberty to say your mind, or air your views. Within the ambit of reasonableness, such freedom is fundamental to the ‘rights of man’ proclamation, how that liberty is guaranteed, but what is not guaranteed is freedom after a loquacious and defamatory expression; such freedom is better expressed in confinement, behind bars to be concise.

That’s not even the gist. Wait for it.

The main gist is about online stalkers. Those who come to your post just to cast aspersion on your thoughts, and to decorate your wall with their venomous hate speech. Sometimes they form a coterie of seemingly sweet well-wishers, but their true intentions are veiled in likes, emoji and memes, and dissing comments. These are folks that come to your post or even your personal pages to detract the focus of your contents. In actuality, there purpose is online stalking.

If by chance, you are such that notify the world about every ‘progressive’ stride of yours, as in latest achievements, pictures of newly acquired material items, photo props, leisure moments and what-a-view, then you should create some allowance for this category of web users. I refer to them as ONLINE STALKERS. Those who might not readily show you that they may be sniffing through your timeline, but in the basest form, they are watch dogs who may have ulterior motives for sliding into your direct messaging box, and may also be poised to turn to your joy into sadness. So be wary of them. And if possible, be discreet with your internet sensationalism. I know you want to join the ‘pepper dem’ gang, but be careful, so that you do not fall prey to these online stalkers.

Art Credit: O’ segoo

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