There Was Never A Country

This was the question I asked myself few weeks back when youths, who left their houses to protest peacefully against the high-handedness of a faction of the Nigerian Police Force, were shot at and brutally massacred at the toll gate in Lekki Lagos.

The governor had a different story to tell, the Army had something else to say, and the president couldn’t even be bothered to address the issue.

Then came the self acclaimed leaders and representatives of the 3 major tribes in Nigeria trying to spin it into a full blown tribal war. While still on this matter, the banditry and killings in southern Kaduna, Borno and Adamawa state keep rising daily, yet it seems our leaders couldn’t care less as it doesn’t affect them directly.

As if these trials were not enough, one of the lawyers helping to release unlawfully detained protesters, had her passport seized by immigrations, no explanations given whatsoever. She was told she was a flight risk and couldn’t leave the country as she was still under investigation. The big question being, under investigation by who? Who gave the order for her passport to be seized?

This wasn’t even the end of the witch-hunt of anybody associated with the peaceful #EndSARS protests. Accounts affiliated with or thought to have been associated with funds used during the process were being shut down on orders from CBN. About 15 or more people had their accounts frozen by the CBN.

We woke up sometime last week to hear that another young man who was at the forefront of the #EndSARS protests was arrested from his house and taken into custody, no charges brought forward.

You turn on the news and can’t even get reliable information because the media houses have either been cowed or bullied into with-holding information.

In a country where so many things are going wrong and nothing seems to be going right, the problem of our President and Cabinet at this point, is the youths who dared to rise up to demand for the change we were promised? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

A country whose citizens live below a normal standard of living. A place where citizens are their own security. A country where taxes are increased without infrastructural developments being made. A country where one cow is worth 10 humans. A government where they reward terrorists and shoot at unarmed leaders of tomorrow. A nation where all you need to do to get an all expense paid trip abroad is to declare that you’re a “rehabilitated terrorist”.

I ask again, was there ever a country?! because it seems to me like the democracy that was known as Nigeria, either no longer exists, or never existed and was all a figment of our imaginations.

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