Tips to take note of when maintaining fitness of loosing weight

A lot of people who have made research on how to loose weight have drawn to a conclusion that they needed to reduce the amount of food they usually eat by half or more. What a lot of people don’t know is that it doesn’t necessarily involve drastically reducing what they eat ,rather, it is monitoring what their daily meal comprises of .

Here are some tips to look into when maintaining fitness or loosing weight:

(1) NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST: Everyone has been taught at some point that breakfast is the most important meal of the day,it’s not so far fetched. Everyone should eat breakfast irrespective of whatever diet plan they are on. To start up the day,you would need the energy to pull through till lunch time or dinner. If you fall under the category of those who take morning walks or those who go to the gym in the morning,you would need the dose of energy to continue the day after. What your breakfast comprises of also matters. Try as much as possible to eat something light because the morning time is the busiest time of the day. Considering the amount of work that has to be done, whether it’s having to do chores or drive the kids to school or having to leave early for work,you wouldn’t feel comfortable moving around with heaviness dawning on you.

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In as much as your breakfast as to be light,it also has to contain some carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates provide the right amount of energy, depending on how much you consume,to start up the day fantastically and that too with less stress.

For example,you can have three slices of yam,accompanied with one large fried egg or two small fried eggs,and a glass of organic orange or pineapple juice. If you feel like yam doesn’t digest fast enough,you can have five slices of bread with a cup of tea or coffee.

If you frequent the gym or you go for morning walks,have a bottle of slightly cool water or water at room temperature nearby as work out can build up quite a thirst. Those who exercise at home are not left out. This helps to calm the body during and after exercise as a result of exhaustion.

(2) ALWAYS EAT TILL YOU ARE FILLED UP: Losing weight and maintaining fitness doesn’t necessarily require reduction in the amount of food consumed. It simply requires eating the right amount of food to satisfaction. All you to do is:

  1. Eat more of fruits and vegetables. They make the skin glow and they maintain skin tone. They also prevent diseases pertaining to blood,respiration,reproduction, digestion,eye sight and many more.
  2. Get a good meal plan: Random selection of food to eat isn’t the most idealic way to keep tabs on food intake. Firstly,examine the food you have in your house. Toss out the spoilt and canned food. Then,purchase food that contains all the classes of food in them. Next,draft out a plan,carefully placing orders meals for breakfast and dimmer,and heavy meals for lunch(in case you wouldn’t be having dinner)

Example of a meal plan:

Morning         Afternoon        Evening

Mon: Five slices    Macaroni pasta     Veggie

bread and a      with coleslaw        salad &

cup of tea       and fish                apple juice

Tue:  Fruit salad      Beans and        Spaghetti

bread.          and meatballs

Wed: Veggie.        Jollof rice      Semolina

noodles       and meat       meal with

with berry    with a             melon seed

juice and      banana        soup and fish

water          smoothie     and orange juice.

(3) CUT DOWN INTAKE OF JUNKS AND FOOD CONTAINING A HIGH AMOUNT OF CALORIES : Amidst the festivities,it is quite hard to stay away from consuming your favorite dessert but you can compromise a little. Eat healthily all month but you can take a day or two to yield to your craving of whatever it might be but,it must be in small or medium quantities. And after that,make sure to detoxify by eating a lot of fruits, especially the ones that aren’t sweet (e.g cucumber, watermelon) and stick to the meal plan.


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