Which Way To Go,Protesters?

As a Nigerian, I share the nation-wide assertion that we are indeed in INTERESTING times in the history of our nation.

Check all through known histories of revolutions and reforms; the youths have mostly been the principal effectors of those big movements.

And so, it is no gainsaying that we are on the right track.

We have been ‘brutalized’ (in every sense of the word), for too long, and the oppression has to stop, not REBRANDED. And no matter the inconveniences we all feel while at it, we must all play our part as concerned citizens of this promising nation, and accept some of the economic uneasiness that comes with the struggle, but not VIOLENCE and ARRANT RANTINGS.

No more blood need to be spilled. Haven’t we had enough?

Now is the time for us to proceed with caution, by taking GIANT STEPS of negotiation and concession, – by all means, moving forward.

Movement does not readily imply progress; one could either be moving forward, or he is doing the walk, backward.

In both cases, moving is implied, but one clearly has progression in it. This progression is what our #ENDSARS struggle needs.

For two solid weeks, stretching into three, we have filled the streets, raised our voices, ‘prayed’ out our dissatisfactions, and even raised funds to keep body and soul in-tune with the fight; but now, we need TACTFUL ORGANIZATION.

Otherwise, hoodlums more virile, will right under our watch, disrupt the process, and then the government will have no compunction than to constitutionally respond, by sending the military to squash any iota of civic unrest.

Now, let us not forget that Yahoo boys, thugs, thieves, hackers and criminals of all sorts, have joined the protests too. Why? Because they have a civic right to anyways; but you cannot validate their MOTIVES for joining the march.

Somewhere in the caverns of their minds, might be some ulterior intentions. So let’s be guided, so that we can separate the chaff from the wheat.

Let’s know that the REFORMS, we expect from the government, must begin with us as citizens.

All our ACTIVISTS and protest influencers must start TALKING to us, like really giving us some form of organized leadership.

Governments don’t change with only protest; they do when we move for it at the ballot. So let’s start thinking 2023, making concerted plans to see the END of BAD GOVERNANCE. That’s the way to go my people.

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