Zara Vote Happy Childhood Campaign

Zara Vote Happy Childhood Campaign was founded in March 2017 few month after the birth of famous child celebrity Zara Vote. 

The purpose of the campaign was improve childhood experience via providing security, good health care, education and frown against child abuse and child labour.

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Yes, Zara Vote Happy Childhood Campaign is an aggregator for campaigns for a better living conditions for children across the globe. So we work with other NGO monitored by the Victor Vote Foundation to ensure our campaigns reach the desired audience.

Yes. We need more volunteers in social media campaigns, flier sharing, fundraising to support online campaign promotion.

Any data we collect in this page is for contact purposes. You reserve the right to ask for your details deletion.

This organization is funded and powered by The Victor Vote Foundation and Quick Tv Africa Limited.

We run an open system and we will always publish how monies are spent. You also have the right to decide what campaign your money should be used for. 

We accept gift items, clothes, shoes, school supplies etc.

We are working towards having one.

Join the movement and help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 reach by December 2021 and $3000USD funded school supplies and fees for children in Nigeria

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